Gogreen Ayurveda

The ultimate purpose of Ayurveda is to give selfless help to ALL.

Ayurveda (pronounced: ah your vayda) is a Sanskrit word, which literally means “the science of life”, and has been the natural healing system used throughout India, Nepal, and Tibet and the Himalayas. Ayurveda was originally known to have been first developed and established 4000 years ago by the great sages who developed India’s original systems of meditation and Yoga.


The study of Ayurveda includes herbal medicine, dietetics, body work, exercise, life style counseling, psychology and spirituality. It not only deals with medical science, but also with the social, ethical, intellectual, and spiritual life of all living beings.


As a holistic paradigm, Ayurveda’s definition of life includes mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda analyzes the anatomy and physiology, (including the emotions, and mind) of the person as the interplay of three governing principles–vata, pitta, and kapha. Imbalance and disease are characterized as being caused or governed by one or more of these entities called doshas. They regulate the bio-chemistry of the body. Ayurveda views the most important causative factors in health and disease are one’s diet and lifestyle and emotions.

At our Center we offer.

  • get personal training
  • learn about healthy life style changes
  • get a delicious Ayurvedic lunch on request
  • participate in frequently organized workshops and special events.
  • Rejuvenate yourself with an Ayurvedic Massage or Shirodhara
  • Learn more about your own nature with an individual Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consult


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

1 hour, $50,- // 2nd session 30 min. $20,-

Do you want to feel healthy & balanced? No more tiredness, physical pain, depression, migraine and other discomforts?                            Ayurvedic counseling will help you to rediscover your health with a balanced daily routine and lifestyle.


What to expect;

An in depth consultation is a wonderful way for your educational journey into your own nature. Using traditional methods such as pulse & tongue diagnose & detailed questioning to chart your personal history & specific health concerns, you become familiar with your deep-seated body/mind connection, called Prakriti.  And we will find out your Dosha. Together we will also take a look at your daily routine & wishes you have concerning your health.

One consultation wil be sufficient for you to start & make changes in your lifestyle to rediscover your balance & perfect health.

If you like, the advice from the first consult can be discussed in more detail, together we look at some personal recipes, specific yoga & breathing exercises & ayurvedic herbal preparations can be recommended.



1 hour, $75,-


Sirodara is  a continuous flow of warm herbal oil is received over the 3rd eye & forehead, allowing you to transition into a peaceful & relaxed state of being. Helpful in balancing the emotions, dissolving stress, quieting the mind & pacifying insomnia, it can induce a state similar to that of a trance, creating profound relaxation of the mind & body. You will receive a short headmassage prior to the Sirodhara to make sure all channels are open ensuring a deeper experience in the nervous system.




Abhyanga warm oil massage

1 hour, $60,-


A gentle rhythmic whole body massage from head to toe. This soothing massage pacifies subtle unbalanced energies (doshas) in the body relieving fatigue & stress. It is also a natural therapy that helps to deal with arthritis pain, inflammation, joint pains and more.